Monday, August 1, 2011

A Close Shave with the Police

I was driving home after doing my taxi driving duties for my 17 year old son this afternoon when I was confronted by a policeman who beckoned me to pull over.  My heart sank.  I immediately felt guilty – why do we do that even if we have nothing to feel guilty about? 

I’m not sure why he chose me, maybe it was just chance or maybe it was the stupid faces I was pulling practicing the facial exercises I’d just read about on the internet to reduced wrinkles – that’ll teach me!. 

Anyway, whatever it was I felt it was a miracle.  Why, I hear you ask?  Well, just yesterday I’d noticed that the green insurance badge displayed on the windscreen of my car had expired by 2 weeks.  This is usually sent a month or so in advance, so I realised I must have missed the letter somehow.  It’s been a busy few months (or should I say years) and I’ve got a bit behind with the paperwork.  This morning I persuaded my son that he if he wanted that lift to town this afternoon the deal was he watch his little brothers and sister while I do a bit of paperwork.  I set to work going through the papers on my desk and right at the bottom was an unopened envelope from our Insurance Company et voila – the missing green Insurance paper I was looking for.  So, I popped the appropriate piece into the plastic wallet on my dashboard and made lunch.