Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Post About Gardening at Last!

It's strange, but despite the fact that I’m co-owner of a Garden Centre and Landscaping business and have been working with my husband in our various horticultural enterprises over the past 25 years, not one of my blog posts have ever been about gardening.  The fact is, I’ve always considered Gary to be the Horticultural expert – I’m the one behind the scenes, doing the admin, promoting, accounts, making tea (oh no sorry, that’s Gary...)  So when Janine Marsh from The Good Life France contacted me and asked me if I’d mind writing an article on British V French Garden Styles I panicked (just a bit).  “Yes I’d be happy to write the article” I said, then thought “What on earth am I going write?”.

Anyway, I started writing and it didn’t take long before I realised that actually I knew much more than I thought I did.  I could have written loads – in fact the first draft was double the size of the finished article.  It made me realise just how much we’ve learnt since moving here and are still learning.  I’m thinking I’ve got more than enough material  for another book (especially if I can get Gary on board– what that man doesn’t know about horticulture isn’t worth knowing!).  I just have to finish the four books that are in progress at the moment – they won’t be long now, promise! 

You can have a read of the article by clicking here and have a look round the site while you’re there – they’ve got lots of really useful information.