Monday, February 6, 2012

What's in a Dream?

Do you believe there are hidden messages in our dreams?  Do you believe we can find deeper meaning from the dreams we have which can help us understand what going on our every day lives, or do you think it’s all a load of hogwash?  I’ve always been curious, but very rarely dream anything interesting enough to attempt interpreting it.  However there’s so much going on in the depths of our minds, it makes perfect sense (to me) that we can learn lessons from what our uncouncious mind reveils to us in our dreams.

What’s got me thinking about this?  Well, I woke up from a very vivid dream the other day, which is unusual for me because I don’t usually remember my dreams and if I do they’re very mundane like what I’m going to make for dinner, shopping or talking with family (I kid you not).  In fact it’s probably because they are so boring that I don’t remember them. My husband on the other hand has had loads of dreams of flying and visits from celestial beings and aliens - all sorts of weird and wonderful things happen to him.  On the rare occasions I remember my dreams, I’m keen to share them in case there may be some hidden message which might make them vaguely more interesting.  I start retelling them to my husband “I was standing in the queue at Leader Price and ....” at this point he usually nods off or walks away.    However, the other day I woke up from a truly wonderful dream.  At last a dream that my husband actually found interesting and listened to and followed to the end.  Here’s what I dreamt:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to beat Lethargy

I am so brimming with ideas at the moment, I think I might burst!  It’s snowing outside and I’ve had an enforced stay at home this morning.  So, I’ve been taking this opportunity to make the beds and sort the washing (even managed to marry 25 pairs of odd socks, only another 25 to go!).  While my body has been catching up on some household chores, my mind has been brimming over with  ideas on things like – how to revitilise our gites, new business ventures, decorating projects, marketing plans, new chapters for the books I’m writing.  I’m going to have to write them all down while they’re fresh in my mind. 

It’s so strange because only a few days ago, I was the complete opposite, slumped in a chair watching dribble on TV feeling positively lethargic.  (Can you be positively lethargic?  I think perhaps negatively lethargic is more accurate a description).  We had just come back from a lovely couple of days away in Spain mixing business and pleasure without the children.  We visited new suppliers for our Garden Centre in the Spanish mountains and brought some new stock.  We took advantage of the fantastic deals in January by staying at a 4 star hotel with views over a private beach.  We watched the sun rise over the sea, relaxed in the spa, ate some wonderful food, drank some wine, had time to talk without the usual interruptions.  It was wonderful.