Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Mother in France is Moving....

No I'm not moving from France or even moving from our current home, this is a cyber move to a new website.

I haven't blogged for a while, but I have been busy behind the scenes - life is never dull for a Mother in France.  We've had Christmas Festivities, New Years Eve Parties and 50th Birthday surprises (for hubby not me yet thank goodness).  My first two books on Moving Abroad and Raising Kids Abroad are nearing completion and I've been working on the new website, and here it is:

The new website ( is focusing on Life in France and my books.  I'll be copying over the most relevant posts fom this site and sorting them into Categories to make it more accessible, as well as adding lots of new topics over the coming months.  Please do add my new website to your reading list, like my facebook page (which is unchanged), follow me on Twitter @amotherinfrance or subscribe to my newsletter if you want to continue following my posts.

Once the transition if complete, I intend to keep this blog running and add posts that don't really fit in my new France focused site.  Maybe I'll change the name and call it Random thoughts from a Mother in France - what do you think?

Thank you for all the lovely comments and support over the the past few years and I very much hope you'll continue following me and join me over at my new website too.