Monday, February 6, 2012

What's in a Dream?

Do you believe there are hidden messages in our dreams?  Do you believe we can find deeper meaning from the dreams we have which can help us understand what going on our every day lives, or do you think it’s all a load of hogwash?  I’ve always been curious, but very rarely dream anything interesting enough to attempt interpreting it.  However there’s so much going on in the depths of our minds, it makes perfect sense (to me) that we can learn lessons from what our uncouncious mind reveils to us in our dreams.

What’s got me thinking about this?  Well, I woke up from a very vivid dream the other day, which is unusual for me because I don’t usually remember my dreams and if I do they’re very mundane like what I’m going to make for dinner, shopping or talking with family (I kid you not).  In fact it’s probably because they are so boring that I don’t remember them. My husband on the other hand has had loads of dreams of flying and visits from celestial beings and aliens - all sorts of weird and wonderful things happen to him.  On the rare occasions I remember my dreams, I’m keen to share them in case there may be some hidden message which might make them vaguely more interesting.  I start retelling them to my husband “I was standing in the queue at Leader Price and ....” at this point he usually nods off or walks away.    However, the other day I woke up from a truly wonderful dream.  At last a dream that my husband actually found interesting and listened to and followed to the end.  Here’s what I dreamt:

I was in a house with my husband and we were showing some friends around who were thinking of buying it from us (it wasn’t our current house and we are not currently thinking of selling).  My husband and I went outside into the garden and looked up to see a boy with eagle wings flying in the sky and then a real eagle joined him and they were flying around together, it was a fantastic sight.  They rested on the ledge of the house and then I spotted something large in the sky and pointed it out to my husband.  We realised it was a beautiful white horse flying in the sky shimmering with blue and purple circling around the house.  The horse landed in our garden and galloped around while I tried to take a photo with my phone.  It came to a halt and let me stroke it and I called to my 4 year old daughter to come and see it.
It was magical and I woke up feeling really privileged that this magnificent animal had come to visit me in a dream.  I couldn’t help feeling that this is really significant to me and I wasn’t sure how I should act on it.  The dream stayed with me and I started searching on the internet to see if I could find the answer to what it meant.  I found a really interesting website called which is run by Tony Crisp who is the author of lots of books on the subject including Dream Dictionary – a book that I have seen many times but have never owned.  

 The website is full of interesting articles and includes a dictionary of some of the most common dream subjects.  It also has a very informative forum which gives you the opportunity to type in your dreams for others to interpret.  I typed in my dream and was a little alarmed by the first response.  A lady (a newbie to the site), thought it might signify the birth of a child.  
 Oh noooo, that’s not what I wanted to hear!  (I thought to myself)
Much as I love each and everyone of my five beautiful children, I wasn’t really planning on having any more.  I’m not sure that my body (or mind) could cope with another.  However, I then got a lovely reply from Tony Crisp himself and he felt it was an inspirational dream.  He then went on to explain in a bit more depth and suggest ways of exploring it.   You may think it’s all a load of rubbish, but whatever it is I know that it felt totally magical and I feel as though it has opened my heart and mind to alsorts of new possibilities 

I think a basic understanding of what our dreams represent can help us in our everyday lives.  It’s important to reflect and listen to the messages coming from our subconscious.  We can of course live our lives in blissful ignorance, but what a shame to miss out on messages your inner self is trying to send you.

Have you had any interesting dreams lately?  Is your subconscious trying to tell you something?


  1. I don't think dreams can predict the future so if you're happy with your 5 children it doesn't mean you'll have more. However, your body could be a bit broody because of your age or the time lapse since your last baby was born. That's a message but I don't know what you do with it if you've closed shop as it were.

  2. I don't think it's anything to do with having a baby, I think it was more about new ways of looking at things and opening my eyes to new possibilities. Anyway, it was nice and made me feel good. :)

  3. Sounds wonderful and it a gift that such images came to you, for sure it is the power of the subconscious, so we are tapping into something that exists within us. I don't remember my dreams often enough but love it when I do, I love to search for meaning and inspiration and I know it is a source of wonderful stories.

    I once dreamed an author name into being (browsing bookshops in my dreams) and thought nothing of it, the name was an amalgam of two other names I knew, but then one day I found a book in a second hand book shop written by this author, so it turned out he was real. I didn't buy the book, but a few months later in my local bookshop window I saw a big display with a new book out by this same author, a hardback white cover with an eye in the middle of the cover and the book was called 'The House of Sleep' and it was all about insomnia and dreams and the powers we have when we sleep. Well, as you can imagine I did buy that book. It might mean nothing, but it was a pretty amazing experience!