Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 steps to Happiness and Contentment – Step 1 Find the best in every day

I’ve decided to take part in the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) which entails committing to writing and posting a blog post every day throughout November.  The biggest challenge for me is finding the time and making it meaningful.  There’s no point blogging for the sake of it.  I’ve been struggling to come up with a strategy – mainly because it’s the holidays and I’m trying to keep my lively little ones entertained as well.  After several false starts, I’ve decided to set myself the task of writing 30 steps towards Happiness and Contentment.

Despite my busy and often stressful life (which is by no stretch of the imagination perfect), I am generally happy and contented with my lot.  I decided to reflect on and share the things I think contribute towards this and consider ways of developing it. It’s just my own thoughts – it will help me to remind myself to focus on what is good in my life and maybe it will help others on the way. So, come back everyday over the month of November if you are interested in sharing this journey with me.

Today my first step is ...

Find the best in every day

Yesterday was hard for me - I tried to pack too much into the day.  The kids were over tired and over excited with Halloween events and too much sugar and I ended up with a throbbing head.  My day started with a trip to the doctors with six year old Luc, followed by a mad dash to get tidied up and ready for a picnic, a couple of journeys with fighting kids in the back of the car, a challenging afternoon with 3 demanding children, a rush to make tea and get self and the 3 littles ones dressed and made up for Halloween trick or treating at a friends house in the evening.  It was exhausting and at the end of it I felt like a coiled spring.

But, despite that, there were many good aspects of the day for which I think it would be more useful to reflect on.  The best moments were:

  • Seeing the beauty of the early morning mists over the valley on the way to the doctors
  • The kindness of a friend who offered to watch the other children for me while I went
  • The feeling of pride watching Luc lying calmly while his stitches were removed.
  • Taking in the magnificent mountain views on the way to the park.
  • Enjoying the warmth of the late October sun.
  • Watching my children have fun
  • Sharing time with friends
  • Witnessing my 9 year old practicing negotiating skills with his younger siblings.

It’s useful to reflect on the difficulties faced and consider ways to avoid them in the future, but it’s far more uplifting to focus on the good things and there are always positive aspects of any given situation.  I think from now on every day when I go to bed, I’ll concentrate on finding the best moments of the day and go to sleep with these things in mind, rather than going over the negative aspects.  This will, in turn. set me up for a far more positive frame of mind for the following day.

How about you?  What were the best moments of your day?

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  1. Highlight of my day today was hearing my kids sing in school assembly this morning. It always gives me a lift.

  2. Yes that's a good one Debbie. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Whenever we are on holiday (and sometimes when we are not) we get together at bedtime and we talk about the highlights of our day.... it's always fascinating what the kids come up with - usually something you've hardly noticed. It's a great thing to do and really makes you focus on the positive. What a lovely start to NaBloPoMo Nikki ;-) Fiona

  4. I really like your approach to NaNoWriMo, I'll definitely be back here. Happiness and contentment is something that occupies me a lot too. Earlier this year I did a 'three beautiful things' mini blog where I listed three great moments from each day. It was really valuable for helping me see the positives when I was having hard days with two kids under 3.

    Today we went to the Botanic Garden and saw some beautiful autumn leaves. My now-three-year-old told me "Mummy, I feel really happy" - what could be better than that?

  5. Thanks for that Fiona, what a great idea - I'm going to try this with my children tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing Kirsty - it's lovely when the little ones come out with gems like that. 'Three beautiful things' mini blog sounds like a good idea too. I'll have to come and have a look :)

  6. Ooo inspiring, I can surely write about something happy that happened on each day, it will serve as a great memory as well, like a diary!

    Cute children btw!

  7. Couldn't agree with you more, it's like whether you look on the glass as being half full or half empty. A few years ago we went through some really hard times and I, who am a natural pessimist, made a conscious decision to become a half full person. It was quite difficult at first but now looking on the bright side seems to be pretty automatic and I take huge enjoyment from the small things in life, like the changing colours and having a reasonably comprehensible conversation with my neighbour who has an almost impenetrable accent.

  8. Thanks Angela and Victoria. It seems the more you look for the postives, the easier it becomes. I suppose you could call me a recovering pessismist. Nowadays I am usually optimistic, but occasionally a bit of pessimism creeps in and I need to give myself a kick. Finding the best in every day is a good way of doing it :)

  9. Great idea for the m onth of blogs - I'll be reading you daily :)