Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Step 15 - Always Look on the Bright Side of LIfe

Day 15 of the National Blog Post Month challenge where I’m writing a blog post every day along the theme of 30 Steps to Happiness and Contentment.

Do you remember the song 'Always look on the Bright side of Life' from Monty Pythons' 'The Life of Brian', it always makes me laugh when I think of it, but it's very good advice.  

'That's easy to say, but harder to do' I hear you say.  Yes I know it is and at 7,30 this morning when I was clearing up runny dog poop which covered almost the entire floor space of our 90m2 living room, I thought the same.  But, as I was gagging and scraping up my dogs kind offerings into a plastic sack I thought hard about what the bright side could possibly be. I was not a happy bunny and there were more than a few expletives flying around this morning I can tell you!  How can there be a bright side to this situation? I asked myself.  After some thought I managed to come up with three.

Firstly, at least we have tiled floors and not a carpet (much easier to clear up), secondly it gave my floors a good clean which I had been meaning to do for some time and lastly, dog poop always makes good blogging material, doesn't it? Maybe not.....  Anyhow, it did make the task slightly more bearable and I started focusing on my blog and how I could use the experience to explain this point.  Cleared it up in no time, well that is if you consider over an hour no time (which I don't)!

What I'm trying to demonstrate is it's important to realise that we have a choice in how we respond to situations in life, we can either react positively or negatively. Fiona at NLP Mum wrote a really interesting post about this recently and it makes a lot of sense  NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and Fiona explains the basics in this post Change your thoughts and you change your world.

If by taking the positive route and looking on the bright side can make such a difference with a small event, just think how much greater that difference will be with the big events and situations in life!  
There are times of course when we don't want to look on the bright side, we may feel we need to have a moan or feel sorry for ourselves or seek sympathy in certain situations and that's fine. But, it's easy to become a victim, to waste time and energy thinking 'why is this happening to me'.  The truth is bad things happen to everyone, it's how we react to them that determines how we deal with them.  Just remember that looking on the bright side is not a cop out for dealing or facing problems, it's a way of coping with them. 

Looking on the bright side is also similar to looking on the funny side.  It's well known that laughter is actually good for us, so to find the funny side of what appears to be a bad situation often helps you get through it.  I had a terrible journey with my children in the Summer Help, Medical Emergency with Kids on Board and I must admit at the time it was horrendous and difficult to find the bright side, but once the danger was over I was able to laugh about it.  Now when I think about it I remember the funny side of it, not the trauma.

So, try to always look on the bright side of any situation and it will make it easier to cope with!

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  1. I did a course in NLP once and have read some books about it. What you say is very true. We are all ultimately responsible for our own happines.

  2. Yes NLP looks right up my street - I think I'll have to add book about it to my Christmas list :)

  3. Hey Nikki - thanks for the mention. I chose to be a total grump at the weekend when my MiL came to stay, my hubby got man flu and then MiL took a dizzy turn - I took the kids out for the whole morning and came back to find the washing up for supper and breakfast still sitting around the kitchen... I chose to be cross and I flippin' enjoyed it! But at least I know I chose and even that makes a difference to how I feel about that choice ;-)

  4. A poo post always makes me smile (especially when it's not me cleaning it up) - unfortunately I now have that damned song in my head - thanks for that ;)

  5. Ha ha Fiona, yes sometimes it can be rewarding to take the negative choice But, looking on the bright side - you enjoyed getting cross and having a rant! We all need to vent our frustrations from time to time lol

  6. lol Sarah, you're welcome! de dum de dum de dum de dum de dum!

  7. Love this song. It's also in Spamalot! Good luck with the dog and NaBloPoMo!

  8. Thanks Cynthia, I didn't know it was in Spamalot - I'll have to look that up - love Monty Python!

  9. ...If you can't change the situation, just change your attitude! All your posts are wonderful life truths ;) XOL