Thursday, November 24, 2011

Step 24 - Get by with a little help from your Friends

Day 24 of the National Blog Post Month challenge where I’m writing a blog post every day along the theme of 30 Steps to Happiness and Contentment.

I'm not very good at asking for help.  I like to think I can cope and manage everything on my own and most of the time I can, but every now and then it's good to have a helping hand.

Yesterday was one such day.  I was up to my eyes in work at the Garden Centre.  It's our busiest time of the year - Gary's out till all hours collecting plants from suppliers, delivering, planting etc and I'm busy at the shop taking orders sorting out deliveries, labelling up the new stock, trying to sort out our Christmas Fayre, dealing with customers - I could go on, but I can feel you nodding off!  

Anyway, in between sorting out an impossible amount of things for one person, my teenage son texts me from school - he's been having headaches every day for the past week and they're getting worse.  So, I have to arrange for my Dad (bless him) to pick him up from school (30 minutes away) and drop him off at the shop with my 3 little ones to coincide with Gary returning to the shop (after a days tree planting).  He can then watch the 3 little ones and cover the shop for the last hour before closing, while I get Ryan to the doctors.  Why is my life so complicated!  You can't get appointments here, you just have to go to the surgery during opening hours and wait.  It's on a first come, first served basis and I've never got seen in under 2 hours - longest wait was 4!  So I knew it would be a late one and I was unlikely to get home before 7pm and then I'd have to make tea, bolt it down and then take Ryan back to school (as he weekly boards).  Another impossible day!  In the midst of this I sent an email, in passing, to a friend and just mentioned Ryan was ill and I had to get him to the doctor.

I had an email back offering to watch Luc our 6 year old, which was a big help, at least Gary only had 2 children to watch.  Then, a short while later, I had another email from her offering to cook our dinner for us as she had an extra chicken.  My immediate response, was 'no, you can't do that', but then I stopped and thought.  Actually that would be so nice of her and what an enormous help.  So, I decided to accept her very kind offer.  We got back from the doctors at nearly 7,30pm, armed with a bag full of medicines for his sinusitis.  It was so nice just to warm up a whole roasted chicken and veg - she'd even done roast potatoes.  I was so glad I'd accepted her very kind offer, as it was I didn't get in till gone 9pm from dropping him back to school, but it would have been much later than this if I'd had to make tea as well.  It also meant less washing up too -  double whammy!

So, it's great to give, but it's good to know when to accept help where it's offered.  We all need help from time to time, so when someone offers their hand in help accept it and be grateful you have such great friends! 

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  1. A surprisingly hard lesson to kearn this one, but an important one. I hope Ryan is feeling better.

  2. Sometimes life just comes together. Making food for other people, if you enjoy it, is a joy. Am sure she benefited as much as you did. X

  3. Thanks Midlife, he's still not 100%, but he's managing to meet up at McD's tonight with friends (so he can't be that bad).

    Hi Gemma, yes it's great when it all works out. I owe her a moussaka now!