Saturday, November 5, 2011

Step 5 - Don't take yourself too Seriously

OK, it's Day 5 of the National Blog Post Month and it's the weekend.  I'm really busy with the kids being home, judo practice, parties etc and I'm sure you are busy too, so I'm going to try and keep it brief.

Today I've got a little story I'd like to share with you....

Many years ago when I was my old self (that shy, embarrassed, wouldn't say boo to a goose self), I needed to visit the dentist.  My husband Gary (who was my boyfriend at the time) made me an appointment.  On the morning of the appointment, there was a problem.  Gary couldn't remember which dentist he'd contacted - great!  So, we drove to the closest dentist surgery and looked at the name plates outside.

    'Is this the one?' I asked.
    'Ummmm, yes.'
    'Which one?'
    'Errrr, Mr Brown.'
     'Are you sure?'
    'Errrrr, yes'
    'Absolutely sure?'  I wasn't convinced he was being totally honest with me.
    'Yes, absolutely.  I remember now.  It was definitely Mr Brown.'

Off I went into the surgery and up to the reception desk.
    'Sorry I'm a bit late, I've got an appointment with Mr Brown'
    'You're more than a bit late - he died 6 months ago' was the receptionists reply!

Well, I could have died.  I was so embarrassed.  I mumbled an apology and made a quick exit.  I stomped back to the car and slammed the door.

  'What's the matter?'
  'I could kill you.  It wasn't Mr Brown - he died six months ago!'

Well, you can imagine Gary found this highly amusing.  In fact he was laughing all the way home and 25 years later he still chuckles whenever he thinks about it.  I must admit, once I cooled down I did see the funny side too (but it took me quite a while)..

So, what did I learn from this?  Well firstly, not to take myself too seriously, secondly to make my own appointments and finally never trust a man when he says 'Errrrrr'!!

Do you take yourself too seriously?

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  1. If there is ever a danger of me taking myself seriously (and that is rare). I usually find someone will bring me back down to earth again :)

    Thankfully my dentist is called Sarah, even I can't forget that!

  2. Yes there's thankfully always someone there to bring us back to reality!

  3. Hilarious!! Poor dentist Mr Brown - but why hadn't they taken his name off the door eh?!? x

  4. I know Richmondmummy, I thought the same! It would have saved me a lot of embarassment!